India’s Young Harbour Big Plans

Rajesh Shukla May 4, 2024

India's ambition to become a developed economy by 2047, marking the centenary of its independence, places significant emphasis on the role of its youth. As per the National Youth Policy, Indian youths are aged...

Life in The Golden Era

Rajesh Shukla March 30, 2024

If there is one product that has the unique distinction of being a consumer durable, savings instrument and a form of insurance all rolled into one, it is the yellow metal that...

Bye, bye cheap; buy, buy pricey

Rajesh Shukla February 21, 2024

Middle-class households are already driving premiumisation. By 2031, there will be 75 million more of them. Including in developed rural areas. But here's why marketers can't take them for granted