Completed Projects 2023

India's Emerging Economic Geography

In 2021, PRICE (People Research on India’s Economy, a private notfor-profit think tank) surveyed 40,000 rural and urban households across 23 states on four topics: household income, consumption patterns, saving and investment behaviours and debt profiles. This is PRICE’s 3rd survey, the last one being in 2016. The significance of this most recent survey stems from the fact that it gives us important information about incomes and spending patterns pre-as well as post-pandemic. While the focus of the survey was on income distribution patterns across India, the current research tried to find five important trends when it comes to emerging geographies for income growth.

Sponsor: Tata Sons Private Limited.

PRICE Research Team: Dr.Rajesh Shukla, Adite Banerjie and Asha Sharma,
Tata Sons Team: Roopa Purushothaman, Vishal Vaibhaw and Anindya Roy